Boston Trail

Wuxing Run
The Wage-Slaves of Wonton-amo Bay

The Boston Runners hear during their last run that somewhere in the MCZ are a group of Wuxing wage-slaves in need of rescuing. They could use a favor from a AAA considering the trouble brewing with Aztechnology. They track them down to a Chinese restaurant called Wonton-amo Bay.

On the way they encounter a retirement community and agree to transport one elderly lady to wall for extraction. It turns out the retirement community may be a insect spirit hive; Betty explodes as the bug spirit bursts forth. A short, bloody fight in the back of the van ensues.

The team also encounter more strange-acting Knight Errant. They avoid a crash and are able to take out the four "rogue" cops.

At the boarded-up but still functional restaurant, they encounter some sort of drone-equipped gang keeping the beleaguered wage-slaves hostage. Tophat has a crazy mop dance in the greasy kitchen trash area. Skunky sends "dead Betty" images to her brother, Grumple. Flux pierces the disguise of a greater blood spirit of fire and is blown out a second-story window for his trouble. Martial has a hallway fight but is engulfed by fire. Flux levitates back to the fight and ultimately banishes the spirit.

Skunky warns them of the approaching shambler horde drawn to the SMG fire. They clear the path with fireballs and grenades as Tophat human-whips the Wuxing employees past the shamblers in the grease trap.

Dragon Run, Part 3

The Boston Runners encounter half (Breakdown and Sunbear) of an EVO Runner Team aiding some civilians. The other half (Volfe and Comrade Deacon) is upstairs trying to figure out how to destroy the floor that the Boston Runners are there to record.

They call a truce and decide to work together to make it up the rest of the pyramid. The Arcane Lab 15 is guarded by 4 greater spirits of man who control thoughts and confuse anyone who enters. The Evo team was going to lure bomb-strapped shamblers into the room but they let the Boston Runners take a shot. After a hard fought battle, the runners get their recording and leave the room for the other team.

Bishop takes them home and they make their payout.

Dragon Run, Part 2
Pyramid Schematics

The Boston Runners make their way back into the MCZ, not even a full day after escaping it earlier. They encounter a sort of Knight Errant police action within the MCZ, despite McCarthy stating that there were no KE inside.

The officers are seen abducting two people from a college med-clinic in broad daylight. A fight ends with all but one of the stone-faced officers dead. They tie him up and question him using Tophat's mind wipe and physical mask spells. Skunky finds a weak but now-familiar Matrix signature coming back to full strength as they talk. They also find a coded message on the officer's commlink that neither they nor the officer can decipher. When the officer sends a communication pulse through the Matrix with nothing but his mind, they put a bullet in him, burn the cars, and leave.

They arrive at the MIT&T Arcane Lab Pyramid and make their way through the entrance on the side of the pyramid with the Hermetic Circle and Mana Line iconography. Skunky cracks open the mag-lock with difficulty caused by the intermittent power of the building.

The first floor is a museum of sorts dedicated to magic traditions. Martial hops the turnstile and Tophat's sarcastic slow-clap draws ragers from the darkened corners. Flux finds some hastily scrawled mana wards and some stairs that lead up, but a Spirit of Commerce charges past him to make Martial pay at the turnstile, which he absolutely does.

On the second floor, Tophat pushes over some book stacks in frustration. They pin an unaware shambler but three spirits manifest to protect him for some reason. They banish and cut down the spirits and continue to the third floor…

Dragon Run, Part 1
Cutting a Deal...

The Boston Runners clear the KE cordon, but barely have time to catch their breath when their commlinks catch up to the public grid traffic and messages from their contacts start popping. There are already jobs lined up to go back into the newest hotspot target for runs, the MCZ.

Bill from accounting (AZT) has a job lined up but Martial and Flux have their suspicions. Me Handy (Tophat's fixer) has a job, but she is being passive aggressive, so they pass on it. Bearhead (Skunky's tattoo artist) lines up a meet in the Matrix and Rust (Flux's street doc) has a meet in the Rox.  They decide to take both meets.

They pass on the Matrix job but learn some interesting information about Mr. Johnson. The glitchy persona he is using seems to be an EVO off-the-shelf with some skin-mods and he is coming from EVO's grid. So… EVO? He wanted them to kick in the doors to a NeoNET offsite data storage in the MCZ.

They meet Zoh Rothberg in a rundown Rox park. She is tall, beautiful, and protected by two black SUVs and a massively-built bodyguard. Flux assenses her and sees some very powerful draconic protection spells on her. She wants them to get back into the MCZ and investigate a specific MIT&T Arcane Research Lab 15: Video, Matrix, Astral, the whole works.

They negotiate for more nuyen and some rad suits, and eventually…cut a deal.

Rescue in the MCZ, Part 4
Ted? ... Ted is fine...

The Boston Runners make their way through the winding streets of the MCZ back to the KE secure cordon. They encounter a mob of Ragers who manage to break through the front windshield and break the mag lock on the back of the wagon. Martial, Skunky, and Tophat grind through the mob of Ragers while Flux sleeps one off. Brains get splattered in the van but they manage to protect all of the tech-survivors.

A spike strip near an abandoned cordon post takes out a tire before they limp back to KE. A DocWagon team is waiting to scan those exiting the MCZ. Skunky hacks their equipment and Tophat, magically disguised as Ted (the dead one), passes the scans and the Runners get their full payday.

Two techs, sprayed by Rager brains earlier, show some early signs of health problems…

Rescue in the MCZ Run, Part 3
House Parties

<Bob, from accounting, wakes up tied to a chair as a man in a suit and a man in a red robe converse in another room. A small community in the MCZ  gets overrun with shamblers in the wake of the Boston Runners' van.>

Using nothing but their wits and an address, the Runners locate the second safe house. It is a small, one-story house surrounded by Shamblers. Flux astrally scouts inside, causing a momentary distraction to those inside when he manifests. The four people inside lose control of the windows and the Shamblers start shuffling in (more of a shamble, really). Tophat sends in a spirit of muck to help as Martial pulls the front of the house by firing his Predator. Flux retreats to the safety of the van and summons a fire snake to clear a path.

While Skunky is left in the back of the open van to deal with a stray Rager, and Flux is secure, safely atop of the van, Martial and Tophat charge the house and rescue some food (and also the techs). With half of the missing techs located, the runners set off to track down the other four. Along the way, Tophat meets some Wuxing wage-slaves and promise to get them out.

Tophat uses some ritual magic (and a jar of shit), Martial uses some vantage points, and Skunky uses some still-active cameras to track down the other group, which got separated from the rest when escaping the first safe house. Unfortunately, the new location is a local Mattress Firm store with hundreds (HUNDREDS) of Shamblers surrounding it. Fortunately, the other Mattress Firm nearby is just the right height to zip-line across, and the other other Mattress Firm across the street looks great for a decoy Matrix beacon (an "ethernet")to draw the Shamblers away.

The only problem is that another Runner Team has a better position to the tech-survivors on the roof. It turns out, they are there to kill the techs and not rescue them. A short fight ensues and the NeoNET team backs off, not willing to entrench for a prolonged battle once the fireballs start flying. They do manage to geek one of the techs though, effectively stealing ¥500 before they go.

The Mattress Firm beacon works to pull the Shamblers, the runners park near the Mattress Firm (not the Mattress Fjorm, next door), so that the techs can zipline off of the Mattress Firm. Mattress Firm.

Rescue in the MCZ Run, Part 2
Ghouls, Not Just Good at Dancing...

<Domino secures some old-timey, pull-pin type grenades for Martial. Flux unfondly remembers his college years at MIT&T and his expulsion for unseemly research. Skunky swipes-right on Hutchins, the tattooed dwarf alchemist that she met during E-Ghost in the Machine. Grumple sleeps off some very expensive pills.>

The Boston Runners meet with Det. McCarthy in person at the  MCZ. He explains the situation (bleak), the support (none), the lines of communication (spotty), the street layout (cramped), and the opposition (abundant). The KE guards open the cordon and Bishop drives them slowly into the MCZ.

They encounter some alleyway ghoul-feast and stop to shout at them. They learn that shouting brings ragers. They learn that shooting at ragers brings more ragers. They learn that commlink messages bring more ragers. The Runners lose track of the ghouls during the fight.

They find the apartment from where the survivors last reported to McCarthy. The bottom floor is filled with shamblers, lured there with a body and trapped there by doors. The third floor is empty, as Flux's air spirit reports. Martial, Tophat, and eventually Skunky head to the second floor via the hatch on top of the MurderWagon. Flux astrally leaves his body to investigate as well.

Inside, they find cramped and dirty, but recently abandoned, living quarters. They find some human waste, which Tophat "jars" for "later". They find an AR photo of four of the eight survivors, and a new address scrawled in Chalk-olat™  on a cupboard door

The group feels pretty confident with an address, photos, and a ritual magic connection in hand/jar but someone forgot to close the Murderwagon's hatch. A ghoul has clung to the undercarriage of the van, climbed into the open hatch, and taken a huge bite out of Flux's, unprotected, unconscious body. They rush back to take out the ghoul before anything bad happens and drive away with a few Ragers in tow.

Rescue in the MCZ Run, Part 1
The Water Barons

<Bob (from accounting) gets interrogated by AZT security about why Flux and Martial Weapon have not checked into the Pyramid. Flux blocks Bob's commcalls to read a good book. Tophat missed an opportunity to help out his fixer, Me Handy, when he needed help. Skunky sends Officer Henry information about what went down at the MBTA Train Yard.>

Skunky debuts her virtual donut shop, Skunkin Donuts, for a meet with KE.  The Runners are hired by Det. Daniel “DJ” McCarthy to pull some scientist-types out of the MCZ. He is paying ¥500 a head for any survivors they can safely extract. They agree to meet him just outside the Containment Zone.

On the way, the Runners encounter ex-military using a water filtration truck from the Desert Wars to purify Charles River water and sell it to the public. The Runners kill most of them when the Water Barons get a bit fighty.

Trainyard Trouble Run, Part 2
White Rabbit

The Boston Runners begin to plan their assault into the long train depot when they notice the security cameras tracking them and listening in. They shoot out the cameras and decide to improvise. Flux sends forth a spirit of man (spirit of hands?) as Grumple sends forth the city bus (that Skunky hacked) to use as cover as they rush the Discontents' position.

Flux gets a sprite in his 'link which starts spamming the team with 4 petabytes of AR troll blood-opera. Tophat gets clipped by an off-screen train car as he charges one of the technomancers. Martial finishes off the technos as their leader, White Rabbit, moves to escape on a hacked train car. Tophat and Flux jump on the train as Martial lines up his Desert Strike for a long shot. 

Tophat gets doxxed, Skunky halts the train, Martial takes his shot, Tophat loses an ear, and White Rabbit loses his head.

Back at the depot, they crack some of the Discontent drones and commlinks to discover ties to Ex Pacis (the cyber-terrorists) and Pax (Deus's nuttiest Otaku). They keep that paydata to themselves and collect their nuyen from O'Conner.

Trainyard Trouble Run, Part 1
Trekking to the Train Depot

The Boston Runners are contacted by Shane O’Conner of the O'Rilley Family. They meet at the Beaded Shamrock in the Rox.

O'Conner hires them to clear out the Cabot Yard MBTA Train Depot in South Boston. After the city blacked out, the trains stopped working and some gang of geeks calling themselves the "Discontents" moved in. O'Conner had sent others to clear the place out, but they tended not to come back.

The Rox – The runners make their way to Cabot Yard. On the way, they are shot at from some row houses. The runners quickly dispatch the opportunistic citizens and continue.

Four Corners – The runners encounter a small neighborhood of survivors who had mostly remained ignorant of the Lockdown events.  Coleen O'Hara, the neighborhood baker (who knows more about the shadows than the average baker) explains that they have several sick individuals with symptoms of "encephalitis." The runners also encounter Tulver Macklemore, an unusually apt 17-year-old and recent subject of NeoNET nanotech treatment. It is all very interesting, and then Skunky murders all the sick folks.

I-93 Overpass – The I-93 is jammed with abandoned cars (GridGuide is down) but there seems to be commotion around one car in particular. With ragers beating stumpy arms against the windows and shamblers attracted to the noise, the runners spot a little girl trapped inside. The runners take out the ragers and rescue the adorable Abigail.

Cabot Yard – The runners sneak into the train depot and find lots of AR graffiti, busses used as dead body storage, and exploding Dragonfly drones as sentries. The runners take out a few of the drones and storm the wide train depot, taking out more drones and some "Discontent" technomancers and their annoying sprites. The runners have been loud, they have more yard to clear, and the "Discontents" know what is coming…


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