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  • Megacorps

    *The Big Ten*










  • AA A Corps

    *AA Corps*


    [[Knight Errant]]

    [[Zeta-Imp Chem]]

    *A Corps*


    [[Boston Consolidated Wrecking]]

    [[Hao de …

  • Zeta-Imp Chem

    Zeta-Imperial Chemicals or for short Zeta-ImpChem or Z-IC, headquartered in Interlaken, Switzerland, is the second-largest European corporation, just behind [[Saeder-Kruup]]. …

  • DocWagon

    Most people think of HTR teams coming in to save their dying friend when they hear the name Doc Wagon, but in Boston Doc Wagon is also associated with medical advancement and long-term medical care. Their name is displayed …

  • Knight Errant

    Knight Errant runs the city’s police force, and they make a point of honoring the traditions of the old Boston PD— including hiring a whole lot of guys named O’Something and McWhatever. Almost everywhere …

  • Aquabounty

    Boston-based agritech corp specializing in seafood farming.

    [[AA A Corps | AA/A Corps]]

  • Morin Bishop

    Witness to a heinous tax crime by [[Mitsuhama | MCT]]: Overextending depreciation values for virtual office furniture. They wrapped proprietary texture skins as 3-D sculpt files, sold them to subsidiaries as consumer goods at a lower capital gain rate, …

  • Zoh Rothberg

    Rothberg hired the [[Boston Runners]] to infiltrate the MIT&T Arcane Lab 15 in the [[MCZ]], record everything (video, Matrix, and Astral).