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  • Boston Mafia

    The Mafia is an extensive and significant presence in every major North American city, most European cities, and a lot of cities everywhere else. They like cities. They usually don’t work closely with the …

  • Boston Gangs

    *Major Gangs*

    • Ancients (green/black): Elf go-gang.
    • Bane Sidhe (green/orange/white): Irish, anti-elf go-gang.
    • Hellriders (flames): Suicidal go-gang.
    • Mama's Boyz (no colors): Meta-human …

  • Yakuza

    The Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia, have tied their fortunes to [[Mitsuhama]] Computer Technologies. This is not to say that every Yakuza rengo has a connection to Mitsuhama—they don’t, and some rengos …

  • Shane O'Conner

    Shane hired the [[Boston Runners]] to clear the Cabot Yard MBTA Train Depot of some gang of geeks calling themselves the "Discontents."