Tag: District


  • Boston Harbor

    • Dear Island: Sewage treatment plant; bad history of death and disease
    • Spectacle Island: Quarantine hospital, brothel, horse rendering, grease extraction, toxic dump
    • Thompson Island: Maersk industrial and aerospace facility …

  • Downtown

    Financial Hub of Boston.

    NeoNET Towers, Aztechnology Pyramid, MCT Helix Towers, Ares Skytouch Tower.

    Currently cordoned off as the Hub Cordon Zone (HCZ)

  • Salem

    Magical center of UCAS

    • Salem Covens:
      • Church of Gaia
      • Children of the Dragon
      • Covenant of the Goddess
      • Reformed Druids on North America
  • MCZ

    MIT&T Containment Zone.

    Possibly the starting point of the Boston Lockdown and epicenter of the encephalitis outbreak.

  • HCZ

    Hub Containment Zone

    Site of the dragon attack on NeoNET Tower 4.